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Respond to Malaysian needs with a Responsive Design Ecommerce Site

Monday Apr-13-2015 Web Ninja News B2C Ecommerce

Web Ninja's Responsive Design

Thinking of getting an Ecommerce Site but unsure what design to choose? It’s important to know about your market’s requirements and what will help bring them to your site and keep them there to make their online purchases.

If you are selling your products to Malaysians you should take note of these interesting statistics researched in The Consumer Barometer:

  • 51% of Malaysians have a Smartphone, higher than Indonesia, United States and the world’s average!

  • 35% exclusively use their smartphone device as the only means of accessing the internet

  • 91% of Users research products via their phone

  • 42% of Users have made purchases via their phone

  • Malaysians spend on average 3.1 hours per day on their phone

With this in mind, its important that your Website is Smartphone friendly so you don’t lose potential customers!

Web Ninja offers both a Mobile module, and a new Responsive design template that "responds" to the needs of the user and the device they are using. The layout changes based on the size of the screen whether a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone!

Contact us today to for more details on our Responsive Design Ecommerce Websites that will keep customers buying from your site!


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