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Web Ninja have worked to capture and create, enhancements specific to our business and convert what were previously large numbers of browsing visitors into real sales. Greg - Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

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Web Ninja has enabled us to develop a stylish and productive web site. We have improved our ability to service our wholesale customers any time of day. Georgie - Raw Materials

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As a SME, it is tough in the competitive marketplace .. The Web Ninja platform is set up to be an affordable and easy to implement system, that can streamline your online and offline business processes. Scott - Le Bono Collection

Web Ninja SEO

Ecommerce SEO Website Development in Malaysia

Would you like better business results from your web site?

Would you like more site visitors and better quality leads?

Web Ninja Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business drive more traffic to your web site. With Web Ninja SEO the right customers will find your business leading to increased sales.

With so much competition on the web only a professionally executed SEO campaign can ensure that your site ranks highly. Web Ninja SEO packaged solutions ensure your existing or new website ranks highly in online searches and maintains its high ranking over time.

Getting found in relevant online searches is so important to the success of your online business. Ranking in the top relevance area of search results is a complex task that requires ongoing work and expert approach. A Web Ninja professional SEO campaign will ensure your site is ranking high in search engine results relevant for your products and services and therefore drive a targeted audience and qualified customers to your website via our online marketing and search marketing efforts.

Through detailed analysis of your website we will ensure the technical elements and content have been added correctly for search engines to rank your site highly. Our expert SEO team will research keywords, key-phrases, competitors and technical aspects of your website to create a custom strategy for your business.

The process involves ongoing monthly work that includes content development, link building, blog writing and creative campaigns. With a monthly SEO ranking report you will see your progress and measure your campaigns success.

Get started today! Get found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more search engines. Give us the go-ahead and we’ll start the work to get you more targeted traffic, more relevant leads and more sales.

So how does it all happen?

Its a quick process we follow that will insure you are set up quickley and correctly right away.


We will email you an online questionnaire / agreement to be filled out. This survey gives our SEO team the information they need to start the SEO process.


The Web Ninja SEO Coordinator will send out a request for your nominated key phrases/ words. Once this is received back our SEO team will review this survey and research requested keywords. During this time we will also send a welcome letter.


Our SEO team will review and send their keyword research. Once the keyphrases are agreed upon we will also start optimisation and SEO work.


You will receive a detailed monthly report outlining your sites progress, increased website traffic, enquiries and sales and be a web superstar!!

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