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Web Ninja have worked to capture and create, enhancements specific to our business and convert what were previously large numbers of browsing visitors into real sales. Greg - Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Sync your eCommerce
store & your
Accounting Software

Web Ninja has enabled us to develop a stylish and productive web site. We have improved our ability to service our wholesale customers any time of day. Georgie - Raw Materials

Save time & money
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your business

As a SME, it is tough in the competitive marketplace .. The Web Ninja platform is set up to be an affordable and easy to implement system, that can streamline your online and offline business processes. Scott - Le Bono Collection

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Get your products off the shelf and on the web

If you are an existing Importer, Wholesaler or Retailer and have created a substantial business with a significant investment in inventory, you will know all too well a staff wage bill comes around all too often and your existing customers  expect higher levels of product quality and service. An Accounting package allows you to invoice customers, updated your inventory and customer records. So what is the next step?

With Web Ninja you can now use your existing accounting package to update an online store. Web Ninja allows you to integrate your online shop with your accounting software so as your products are available online 24/7 365 days a year. Your new online presence allows new  new customers from all around the world to purchase anytime and exisiting customers can purchase at their specific price structure, receive loyalty discounts, online coupon code and more!

Keep you customers well informed and loyal by promoting new product releases, run special offers on older product lines via your online site...and all you need to go to get going is link your existing accounting software to Web Ninja!

With Web Ninja your products, orders and payments made online are automatically reflected in your accounting software.

You keep adding to your accounting package client details, product and pricing information as you already do and let Web Ninja take care of the rest saving you time on duplicate data entry.

Want even more from your Web Ninja Web Store? No problem!


Add site content, pages and images to your online store with our easy to use Content Management System


Place products on hugely popular online marketplaces such as Facebook and Ebay


List on discount comparison sites such as Price Panda


Go mobile! With a mobile version of your site


So much more...

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Web Ninja web store features...



Integrates with your existing Accounting Package

Enter all product information, prices, codes, client details and more in your Accounting Software and it will be reflected on your web store. Meaning it saves you time and money without the need for duplicate data entry.

Add as many Categories and Products as you want 

Build your store with as many products and categories as you want - making it easy to sort your products and for customers to find what they are looking for.

Multiple Pricing Structures (based on login name) 

Means sales reps, wholesale purchasers, retail customers or customers with different pricing rules can see the same items once logged with a different listed price.

Secure Payment Gateways and Hosting

Secure SSL encrypted hosting is included with all Web Ninja web stores meaning your customers are assured secure purchasing and personal details are kept confidential at all times.

Freight by Location including (Region, Postcode or Country)

Assign shipping rules based on customers location entered.

Use Weight, Volume, Order Value or Number of Items to calculate freight

Assign shipping rules based on product description. 

Allow your Customers to Track the Status of their Orders 

Allows customers to track their order at any stage of the process freeing up your customer service staff.

Use your own Domain Name(s)

If you already have a domain no problems we can point it to a Web Ninja store. If you don't let us know and we will advise you on what domains related to your business are available for purchase.

Payment can be made by credit card, paypal, bank transfer, purchase order

Choose the payment type/s to suit your clientele.

Find Products Fast with Advanced Search Options

Detailed product sort by colour, size or descriptions allow your clients to quickly find what they are looking for.

Reward Customer Loyalty with Discounts & Coupons

Run promotions such as spend $100 get 10% off to entice higher sales volumes. Create coupons with codes allowing for free shipping, seasonal promotions, event promotions, giving percentage and dollar value discounts.

User Defined Fields

Add more details to products by adding data fields in your accounting software such as colour and size.

Allocate and Promote Featured Products 

Promote and display selected products.

Retail Site and/or Closed Wholesale Sites (can be combined)

Assign different pricing structures to clients, sales reps and distributors to display different prices upon login.

Return Customers 'Quick Pick' Product Lists based on Previous Orders

Allows regular clients placing repeat orders on your site fast and easy access to their previous order history, and making their experience with you easier and less time consuming.

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