Manage multiple products  
& different pricing to
B2B & B2C customers

Web Ninja have worked to capture and create, enhancements specific to our business and convert what were previously large numbers of browsing visitors into real sales. Greg - Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Sync your eCommerce
store & your
Accounting Software

Web Ninja has enabled us to develop a stylish and productive web site. We have improved our ability to service our wholesale customers any time of day. Georgie - Raw Materials

Save time & money
by simplifying
your business

As a SME, it is tough in the competitive marketplace .. The Web Ninja platform is set up to be an affordable and easy to implement system, that can streamline your online and offline business processes. Scott - Le Bono Collection

Web Ninja CMS Videos


The Basics


Logging onto the CMS 

CMS Layout and Help 



How do I find a customer?

Open and edit customer information

How do I approve a customer?




How do I view a customer's orders?

How do I search for an order?

How do I search for an order?

How do I view an order?

What is the order status?

How do I export order information?



 What is a coupon?

How do I create a coupon?

How do I use a coupon?

How do I edit or delete a coupon?

Updating Content



How do I update my logo?


Changing navigation menus

Updating the image slider on the homepage

Changing the promo image on the left hand side of the page

Updating the main content on the page

Updating the footer section of my site


 The Web Ninja Software


A tour around the Web Ninja software




Setting up my shipping tables


Products & Categories


Maintaining products and categories in Web Ninja

How do I import product images?

How to back up and restore my data


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