• Project: Landing
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Client: TMG Ventures
  • Website: tmgv.com.my
  • Deliverables: 1 Week

Asia pacific’s pioneer F&B acquisition company.

They use a fund-based approach to scale operations through organic (franchising and corporate-owned stores) and inorganic (mergers & acquisitions) growth, resulting in a fast-track route to profitability. TMG Ventures or TMGV, aims to seek out brand partners that augment our food & beverage businesses, with a focus on expanding them across the Asia Pacific region and globally.

They are at the core, F&B entrepreneurs and finance professionals, with strong knowledge in both areas. They also have a fast-growing presence in the virtual food space, and through the virtual foodhalls, delivery kitchens, and traditional restaurants in our network, partner brands can experience seamless expansion.

TMGV is proud to have FBE Ventures, an investment holding company, and Pernas (Perbadanan Nasional Berhad), a company owned by The Ministry of Finance of Malaysia, as our strategic partners and investors.

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