A better WordPress Website Maintenance Malaysia company who provide professional support and web maintenance services to protect your investment.

Web Ninja Studio® is one of the leading WordPress website maintenance agencies in KL & Selangor, Malaysia. Our web maintenance packages cover everything that your website or eCommerce website may need – from simple content updates to creative design updates. We can take care your entire websites in terms of creating new pages, website updates, backup and etc.

For such busy people and for those who don’t care too much for technology, website maintenance services is a great solution, then you have more time to focus on your business. All of our web maintenance services are highly customizable just in case the below packages aren’t suit you. Whatever your needs may be, we can create a perfect web maintenance solution just for you.

A range of website maintenance packages to suit any requirement and budget.

Website maintenance and support from the snapshot to the big picture.

Web Maintenance for Website & Online Store

The upkeep of a website requires consistent updates to ensure its proper functioning. This encompasses tasks such as mending faulty links, frequently saving website data, updating software, and keeping an eye on website traffic. Proper web maintenance is essential for a website to thrive and can enhance security, user satisfaction, and search engine optimization.

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“Extremely helpful, quick in response and provide good suggestion in website improvement. Highly recommended!”

Carmen Lim, Sans & Sans (Malaysia)

Do you need a web support team for bug fixing or improving your website speed?

Even a small bug can cause issues that will be too expensive to fix later. That’s why you should hire us to monitor your website all the time and eliminate any errors or bugs as soon as they occur.

WordPress Website Maintainance

We are WordPress website support experts to make your life easier.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (cms) in the world, powers over 30% of all websites. Our managed WordPress support in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor City will provide all the necessary security fixes, performance enhancements, and plugin installation.

If you have a problem with your WordPress website or need ongoing support and maintenance, we can help your website running smoothly, giving you back the time to focus on growing your business.

How website maintenance & support helps you?

Boost Performance

Boost Performance

Wonder why your website slow? No worry, we will evaluate it and come up with a plan for you.

Solve Conflict

Solve Conflict

Experiencing constant crashes and errors? We can troubleshoot for you.

Fix Theme

Fix Theme

Your website visual is off? Elements are misaligned or broken? We can make theme adjustment for you.

Update Themes or Plugins

Update Theme or Plugins

Continuously update your plugins and your theme to the latest version making sure that your themes are as much secured and protected as possible.

Add New Features

Add New Features

If you have new features need to add to website, we can prepare a plan and develop the features for you.

Create New Pages

Create New Pages

Need to add more information to your website, our designers and developers can a create new page with stylish design with advance features.

The advantages of paying for website maintenance services.

Website Maintainance Malaysia

Run Smoothly and Effectively

Having a fast site is essential, page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search, even a 1-second delay in your website’s load time can lead to lower revenue and traffic.

Website Maintainance Malaysia

Rank Well in Google SERPs

Don’t keep your website without any update for several years, Google may be viewed your website as “dead” entity. If you update your website often with high quality content, Google will love for it.

Website Maintainance Malaysia

Drive More Leads

A well-maintained and optimized website is critical for real-time service industries, it can attracts new customers and consistently engages existing customers.

Website Maintainance Malaysia

Stay On-Trends

Web design trends are constantly changing. Businesses should make sure their web design is up-to-date and relevant to the user experience. Websites that are outdated and slow can lose money.

Why you should hire a professional web maintenance company like us?

Website Maintainance - Why Choose Us

Passionate Team

We are a passionate team that enjoys our work. We make website maintenance safe and without problems in order to make sure that you are pleased with the quality of the work we deliver.

Website Maintainance - Why Choose Us

Responsible & Timely

We take the complete responsibility of updating your website on time so that when it comes to high search engine ranks and appeal, you score high marks!

Website Maintainance - Why Choose Us

Cost Effective & Budget Friendly

We do not believe in charging you standard and exorbitant rates when it comes to website maintenance and care. We ensure you get value for money for the services that we give you.

Website Maintainance - Why Choose Us

Knowledge of Market & Trends

When it comes to the latest market tools and trends, we are always up-to-date, this is why we offer you customized web maintenance packages with the latest tools and trends in the market.

Website Maintenance Malaysia: frequently asked questions (faq).

What is the website maintenance?

Our WordPress website maintenance services are ranging from updates, performance, security, fixes, marketing and migration – just about everything you need.

How long does it take to get my changes made after I submit a maintenance request?

We typically complete the requested maintenance within 3 business days, although most of the time we can get to it within 24 hours (on weekdays).

How can I keep the website updated all round the year?

Sign up with us for an Annual Maintenance Contract, and we will take care of your entire website updation requirements all round the year.

Can you repair my hacked website?

Yes, we can. A malware cleanup is not included in our website maintenance packages. First, we will take a good look and let you know how much a hacked website cleanup will cost before you pay anything.

How do I know how many hours is required to work on the website?

Whenever you need any updates on your website you can simply give us your requirement in advance, we would calculate the same & give you an estimate of the number of hours required to do the job.

Are there website maintenance changes you can't do?

Yes. Sometimes we can’t perform a website maintenance request. This could be due to the language your website was built in, restrictions imposed by your current provider, or other reasons.

Can I have multiple sites with a single package?

No, a single site maintenance will be included in single package.

Will unused number of hours in a month be carried to the next month?

As the packages are on monthly recurring basis, number of unused hours will not be carried forward to the next month.

How can I start with website maintenance services?

You just need to tell us what you need to update, we will estimated the estimated time or costs to maintenance your website, and which website maintenance package suitable to your needs.

Why should we go with your web maintenance services?

Our website maintenance services that at affordable prices, we will always serve to your specific needs and offer 100% satisfaction.

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Technical expertise on all the technologies
  • Support from SEO experts, content writers and graphic designers
  • No long-term contracts
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly backup
  • Plug-in and core updates